"Taylor Myers, a graduate from Sherman College in Spartanburg, S.C. was my chiropractor as an intern for roughly 6 months. He was the first individual to introduce me to chiropractic therapy. From the start Taylor made me feel comfortable with the overall process. I soon realized that he was competent enough to want to continue care. I believe one of his greatest attributes pertains to looking out for one's well-being. He related his own experience with chiropractic care to me, which in turn allowed me to understand the importance of being in total body alignment. I can honestly say he helped with my mental & physical ability. I certainly recommend Dr. Taylor Myers to all persons seeking chiropractic adjustments."
- David S.

"After years of playing college soccer and rigorous workouts I was left with chronic pain in my neck and upper back. The ongoing pain required me to seek chiropractic care. After meeting Dr. Myers, and sitting down with him to discuss my case, he was able to plan out the proper course of treatment for me. With his continuous care my pain has decreased tremendously. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care."
- Mary Kathryn “MK” S.

"After years of sports and strenuous activity, I found myself being far less active as I advanced in my new career. However, the residual pain in my lower back and neck worsened from finding myself at a desk for long hours during the day. I would lose feeling in my legs from the hip down due to the lower back pain and have sickening headaches from the knots I could feel in my neck. It reached a point that I could no longer take the pain. Luckily, that’s when I found Dr. Myers. After thoroughly getting an understanding of my issues, and explaining to me his course of action, I was finally able to find relief in only a couple of treatments. Through his knowledge and understanding of the human body, I was able to get back to making it through the workday without feeling excruciating pain. Without his help, I’m not so sure that I could perform my job at the optimal level. I am forever grateful and would recommend anyone to his care."
- Jamey S.

"I am a Sales Engineer who travels over 50,000 miles per year. Needless to say, after over 30 years of traveling I have endured much pain in my low back, neck, and shoulders. After a consultation with Dr. Taylor Myers, he developed a treatment plan customized to fit my needs and correct my pain issues. Since I have been on Dr. Myers plan I can now travel comfortably without experiencing dreadful pain and numbness that I did before. I also rest so much better while sleeping each night. Dr. Taylor Myers is an excellent doctor who truly cares about his patients and their health concerns. Thank you Dr. Myers for making me feel like a new person!!!"
- Darren F.
"I made the unfortunate mistake of throwing out my lower back for the second time after lifting an extremely heavy object. The only solution I could think of was to take Tylenol and relax until the pain would naturally subside. I had no idea how long that was going to take. I received a referral to see a chiropractor, but I could not help but be a little skeptical. How was a chiropractor going to help me improve the terrible pain in my lower back? I reluctantly went to my appointment to see Dr. Myers. I appreciated how attentive and patient Dr. Myers was with my situation. He was able to empathize with the pain that I was experiencing, and I really appreciated that. By the end of my first visit, I could already feel a night and day difference in my lower back. I could not believe the improvement Dr. Myers made in my overall quality of life. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is experiencing any form of pain. I am now 100% pain free, and I owe it all to Dr. Taylor Myers."
- Abbott S.

"I met Taylor about a year ago, I came to him with lower back problems. Immediately after we went through some tests, he told me he would be able to help me. I also explained to him, I play college basketball at USC-Upstate and wanted to be able to compete at a high level and my lower back would make it very difficult sometimes and set me back. So I started meeting him 3-4 times a week for about 2-3 months in my junior year, depending on my basketball schedule. Shortly after we began the adjustments to align my spine and hips, I really can say this helped me and my body naturally and they started to adjust at the same time. Which I thought was really great. The pains started going away and I started to feel better than ever. My basketball stats increased and I can honestly say going to the see Taylor made a big difference. I was moving faster and jumping higher. I also felt that my body was able to endure more physical activity. Before my back would make me a little nervous to do physical activity and kept me from giving 100% effort. I am glad I’ve had the chance to meet Taylor. He has really helped me and I’m more than excited for him as he moves forward in helping many other people, including athletes that have the same problems. I’m thankful for everything Taylor has done for me and even now after I’ve stop seeing him, my back is 100% percent and it’s because of Taylor."
- Malik M. USC-Upstate Basketball

"Dr. Myers is awesome and great at providing chiropractic services. I went in for lower back pain and neck tightness, and through a series of adjustments I felt better than I ever have. I’m a big golfer so getting rid of my back pain and neck tightness and being able to swing freely and comfortably was a goal that Dr. Myers took on and helped me achieve through the chiropractic services he provides. He’s very thorough in his exams and lays out a plan so that you will be without pain. I highly recommend Dr. Myers for all your chiropractic needs."
- Travis C.