At East Coast Elite, we want to be able to give athletes an area where with Chiropractic Care and Sports Performance meet and work hand in hand, in order to train athletes to be the best they can be.  This is where the #BeEL1TE initiative is going to take place.  The Southside of Virginia is full of incredible athletes that need a mixture of Chiropractic Care and Sports Performance in order to earn and acquire a path to the next level.

Through research, athletes that have Chiropractic Care as a staple of their regimen, increase their performance by 18% - 20%, which is a key advantage.  This is why every NFL team, almost all MLB and NHL teams, and well known professional athletes look to Chiropractic to increase their Sports Performance.  Be on the leading edge of Athletic Performance at East Coast Elite & remember #BeEL1TE!

We will provide sports rehab in order to make sure, you can get back to playing your sport as soon as possible at the highest level possible.  Through Chiropractic Care to the Boost Treadmill to the Ultrasound to Normatech, we will all be on the same team with your health and rehab process!

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Boost Treadmill

The Boost Treadmill is the safest, highest performing and most adaptable running environment in the world. Built around the most innovative, longest lasting, and most comfortable treadmill in the world, The Woodway 4Front, Boost Treadmills provides a fall safe environment that also provides the following benefits:

  • Air Pressure That Removes Impact Allows For Longer, More Sustained Improvement in Lower Body Movement 

  • Greater Range of Motion From Hips to Feet

  • Compression Effect From the Air Pressure Inside the Boost Treadmill

  • Specificity of Training to Allow For Data Driven Progressions in Rehab and Conditioning Protocols

The Boost Treadmill is designed to match any athletes peak performance with variable speeds, vigorous elevation and dynamic functionality.

Air Pressure alleviates impact, creating an environment for longer, safer and more sustained, lower body movement.

  • Improved joint mobility

  • Delay progression of osteoarthritis

  • Reduced risk of re-injury

  • Overspeed training


  • Our air-pressure technology makes running accessible for everyone 

  • 18 MPH; 15% Incline; 80% Impact Reduction

  • Hand made in the United States at our manufacturing facility in Wisconsin

  • College Athletic Teams, Professional Sports Teams use Boost Treadmills for their Performance & Rehab


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Weight Machines

At East Coast Elite, we will have many weight machines, however each will have a distinct relationship in the rehab portion of care that will go hand in hand with the chiropractic care to ensure you will care will be ELITE.  For example, the multi-hip machine, will be used to strengthen the hip flexor muscles to make sure your adjustments hold and you can stay out of pain while doing the strenuous activities of life.


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VertiMax has two major advantages over plyometrics: a) VertiMax is more efficient at developing power at high speeds because it allows athletes to apply additional loads to their bodies that have NO MASS. With the added loads/resistance, the athlete’s muscles are further stimulated to strengthen and produce more power which is our primary goal to improve explosive jumping power. With conventional plyometrics, athletes only use their own body weight as resistance every time they train. Since the resistance of their body weight is essentially the same every time they jump train, there is no added stimulus or reason for their muscles to become more powerful. If you walked in a gym and benched pressed the same exact weight every set, every day, how much would you expect your bench press to improve over time? Not much! In a very short time period your strength gains will stagnate because your body has adapted to a fixed resistance (fixed body weight) and has no further stimulus (additional resistance) to promote strength development. You are going to peak out and your performance gains are going to stagnate – that is a major disadvantage performing traditional plyometric training without the add-on resistive capabilities VertiMax offers!

Secondly, we often forget that half the speed equation is the swing phase or the ability to accelerate the foot when it breaks contact with the ground and reaches for the next step or “ground strike”. The three muscle groups that accelerate the foot through the air for the next step are the hip flexors (linear motion), abductors and adductors (lateral motion) and athletes rarely train these muscles dynamically for power development to promote speed gains. Unfortunately 95% of the time athletes are only training the drive phase and neglect swing phase power development. This will unfortunately result in a lot of undeveloped speed potential. If you want to effectively develop both drive and swing phase power simultaneously for maximum speed performance gains there’s only one system in the world that can do it – VertiMax.




Vibration therapy is a form of therapy that uses whole body vibration to enhance physical health and well-being.

Vibration therapy was first used in the Russian Space program to assist Astronauts to increase their muscle strength and enhance their bone density while in space.  They found that they could then stay up to 420 days in space with little or no gravity effects whereas their American colleagues had to return to earth after 120 days.

The medical benefits and advantages of vibration therapy as testified by medical professionals that use the VibePlate, are tremendous.  Vibration therapy and exercise on the VibePlate is becoming an everyday part of their rehab and therapy programs.  Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is being accepted world wide by major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centers throughout the world, as well as our United States Military.

VibePlate’s vibration motion is vertical.  VibePlate is designed in a way that all it reproduces is vertical vibration.  VibePlate is a stable, stationary vibration platform.  There is no wobble, no side to side movement, no circular motion.  Those movements are not real world, they are not real physics.  Medical professionals say, because of gravity, vertical motion on a stable platform is not beneficial, where as vertical motion on a vibrating platform is beneficial.  Therefore it does not create stress, unlike other whole body vibration platforms.  Simply it provides micro hits of gravity that enhances the gravity that is already there in order to create the clinical and training compression that we need to excite our nerves, to mobilize joints and to strengthen our muscles to enhance our function.


The VibePlate is designed in a way to allow an athlete to perform functional, traditional, and sport specific exercises while on the platform. The VibePlate is in a class of it’s own. It gives an athlete ample space to perform any desired exercise or movement while receiving the benefits of whole body vibration, and more specifically VERTICAL VIBRATION.

Incorporating the VibePlate into your training allows you to activate your fast twitch muscle fibers. By activating your fast twitch muscle fibers through the use of the VibePlate, you can produce more explosive power, which equates to increases in strength, vertical, speed, and all of the other tools that make-up an elite athlete.

While using the VibePlate, up to 100% of your target muscle fibers can be recruited, instead of only 40% through conventional training without the VibePlate. By stimulating your muscle fibers through training on the VibePlate, blood circulation, muscle density, and overall strength can increase.

It’s no wonder that more and more collegiate and professional teams, as well as professional athletes rely on the VibePlate to enhance their performance as well as make sure they are staying healthy and ready to compete.

With the VibePlate athletes can experience quicker recovery from training, faster rehabilitation of injuries & the rebuilding process that follows, as well as aid in the prevention of injuries due to training and competing.

The VibePlate allows for a significant increase in blood flow to the athlete’s muscles and surrounding tissues. What this does is speed up the recovery, rehabilitation, and rebuilding process following injuries and training. Getting maximized blood flow to the problem area will aid in flushing out any waste products as well as providing all of the oxygen and nutrients necessary for a faster recovery.

The VibePlate brings a revolutionary form of training to the table, allowing athletes to experience unbelievable gains in strength, speed, vertical, flexibility and agility.


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Exercise Bikes

Exercise "fan" bikes have been around for 40+yrs. Built to withstand the demands of a Competitive Athlete, but also provide an all around full-body workout for anybody. Whether you are into CrossFit or thinking of starting a High Intensity Interval Training regiment, or just want to take it easy, stationary cycling can improve your cardiovascular fitness and even increase your metabolism for more efficient calorie and fat burning. Pedaling with your feet strengthens your legs, thighs, hips, and calves, while the dual action handlebars work your arms, shoulders, and chest. By working both your upper and lower body simultaneously, you will increase the intensity, burning additional calories and fat.




NormaTec products offer recovery and rehab services to our customers in a single, unified experience. Clients are comfortably zipped into our lightweight compression systems, providing a secure fit that can’t be obtained by obsolete products with Velcro fasteners. Once fitted, you have the autonomy to tailor your experience with digital controls, shifting pressure across 5 overlapping zones for optimal recovery.


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Ultrasound waves sent through the body have several broadly applicable benefits, making ultrasound therapy suitable for a wide range of issues. As well as heating and relaxing the muscles, ultrasound therapy breaks down scar tissue and increases local blood flow. All of this combines to increase healing rates in the area, making it a suitable way to speed up slow-healing or chronic issues. We now think that it can also encourage the repair of damaged bones. More recently, it has been used to reduce pain from conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

The benefits of ultrasound are so broad, it can be used for a huge range of issues. However, it is usually reserved for problems with swollen muscles, particularly when time is a factor in the recovery i.e. in athletics.

The heating and relaxing benefits help to alleviate muscle pain, while the increased flow to the affected area will mean that more lymph passes through. Lymph is a clear fluid that carries white blood cells throughout our body, which fights infection, encourages healing, and removes excess fluid. These three factors combined make it a very effective way to treat swelling and inflammation, not only of the muscles, but also of the joints and ligaments. Issues such as tendonitis, not-acute joint swelling, and chronic inflammation are some of the most commonly treated issues.