Dr. Taylor Myers

Dr. Taylor Myers

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Taylor Myers was raised in Powhatan, Virginia and went to Blessed Sacrament Huguenot where he graduated in 2009. During his senior year of baseball, Dr. Myers slid into home plate which caused his body to twist and flip over the catcher.  This unorthodox motion caused him to have two herniated discs and the inability to walk.  After talking to orthopedic doctors, they recommended surgery, however, his grandmother “Lubbie” suggested he see a chiropractor, which he did and this was the start of his chiropractic journey.  He was back to playing after getting adjustments in as little as 2 weeks.  He credits chiropractic to giving him his life back and wants to be able to help other people of all backgrounds gain their life back through chiropractic.  He then went to the University of Virginia, where he graduated in 2013 with a B.S. in Psychology and went back to start his Masters in Kinesiology in 2014.  While there he was a member of the 2011 ACC Championship, 2011 College World Series, and 2014 National Runner-Up College World Series Virginia Baseball teams.  He then went on to Sherman College of Chiropractic in Boiling Springs, South Carolina where he graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in March of 2018.  While at Sherman, Dr. Myers was President of the Athletic Club as well as the President and Founder of the Sherman College Sports Chiropractic Club.  He was a Patient Education Specialty Intern in the Health Center as well as becoming certified in both, Extremity Adjusting and X-Ray.

Dr. Myers is certified in extremity adjusting as well as a member of the Sherman College R.O.A.R. Program, Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society, and Professional Hockey Chiropractic Society

Dr. Myers lives in Farmville, Virginia with his wife, Dr. Katelyn Inge Myers & their Golden Doodle, Beau Myers.  He enjoys spending time with family, at the beach, at Church, cruising & traveling, and playing any sport, especially Baseball, Golf, and Hockey.

The Practice

Here at East Coast Elite Chiropractic-Sports Performance & Rehab, we are striving to maximize the patient’s ability to perform whatever they want, whether it be picking up their children or grandchildren or running a marathon. We help the patient’s nervous system by adjusting subluxations or misalignments to allow the nervous system to communicate all over the body.  Whether it be an infant or someone who has lived a long and full life, we want to make sure that they continue to live the life they want and be able to accomplish every dream and goal they have, without having to worry about their body and health hindering their dreams and goals.

“I’d like to thank my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, my family, Katelyn, Mom, Dad, Lubbie, and T, as well as all of my friends and teachers throughout my life, for all they have done for me! I love you all!”