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As parents, think back to yourselves as children.  How many bumps and bruises did you accumulate without getting any care?  These bumps and bruises, also know as micro-traumas, took a toll on your body especially since there was no specific care to help you feel better.  The birthing process delivers the most stress on the cervical spine in infants, causing subluxation from the very start of their lives. Do you want your child to be as healthy as they can be? Wouldn’t you want to make sure your children don’t go through the same pain when they become older as you are now? 

Think of your health like this.  You get Dental care for yourself so your teeth won’t rot out, why wouldn’t you get Spinal care to make sure your spine doesn’t decay and degenerate.  Now think about your children; how much money will you spend to make sure their teeth are straight and healthy?  Yes they are important, but are they as important as your spine - the same bones that your spinal cord, nerves, and nervous system runs through in order to make sure you operate at your full God-given potential?

Benefits of chiropractic for kids:

  • To encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development)
  • To support your child's overall health and well-being
  • To help strengthen your child's immunity and potentially reduce the incidence of colds, earaches and general illness
  • To assist with colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome
  • To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies
  • To encourage good spinal posture
  • To help improve your child's ability to concentrate
  • To assist with behavioral disorders
  • To help alleviate digestive problems
  • To assist with bed-wetting and sleep issues

At East Coast Elite Chiropractic, we see children from infants to teenagers, in order to make sure they can live the healthiest life from the start.  After all, at East Coast Elite Chiropractic, we strive to treat how we would like to be treated - as Family, because Family is the most important aspect of life.